Emmy award-winning documentary director, DP and producer

Peacock (2022)

Fighting an Invisible Enemy: The Voices of Havana Syndrome (25’)

Exclusive interviews from four of the original Havana Syndrome victims who speak out for the first time on camera to share their experiences at the center of this geopolitical mystery. In dramatic detail, they describe the strange episodes, the aftermath and how their injuries forever changed their lives. (2021) | NBC News

Directed, co-produced, filmed and story edited.

Peacock (2021)

Southlake: Racial Reckoning in a Texas Suburb (37’)

National EMMY Award Nominee 2022

On paper, Southlake was a picture-perfect suburb: beautiful homes and excellent schools. But in 2018, a viral video of students using racial slurs in the mostly white school district created a searing divide in the once close-knit Texas community. What played out in Southlake – and the ensuing fight over proposed diversity plans – foreshadowed others across the country as peaceful neighborhoods descended into bitter arguments over diversity, education and critical race theory. (2021) | NBC News

Co-produced, filmed and story edited.

Peacock (2017)

Battling Dementia: A Mother and Son’s Incredible Journey (11’)

National EMMY Award Winner 2017

Joey Daley embarks on a mission to film his mother after she’s diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. His video series inspires millions around the world, but he encounters a roadblock he never expected. (2017) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

NBC News (2018)

‘Hard to Believe it’s Over’: The Last Days of An American Dairy Farm (9’)

The Coombs family are forced to shut down their three-generation dairy farm in Kentucky after a corporate decision by Walmart. (2018) | NBC News

Produced and filmed.

NBC News (2019)

Fleeing Central America: How Climate Change is Fueling Migration to the U.S. (11’)

Juan de Léon Gutierrez was the third child to die in U.S. custody since December, 2018. NBC News retraced his steps back to his parents’ home in the Dry Corridor of Guatemala, and saw crops of subsistence farmers there failing for the third year in a row. As millions of families are left with little to no food, Mexico and Central America could see as many as 3.9 climate migrants by 2050. (2019) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

NBC News (2018)

The Mother of Those Who Killed My Son (13’)

After suffering the loss of their sons in the conflict, an Israeli and Palestinian mother are faced with a seemingly impossible choice: to hate their counterpart, or reconcile with each other. (2018) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

NBC News (2019)

Postcard from Kyiv: Trump Ukraine controversy raises new fear over Russia's aggression (8’)

Since 2014, Ukraine has been at war with Russia in a conflict that has claimed nearly 13,000 lives. Now allegations President Trump held up U.S. aid in an effort to get Ukraine President Zelenskiy to investigate Joe Biden and his son have raised concerns over diminishing U.S. support in the country's fight against an emboldened enemy to the east. (2019) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

NBC News (2019)

After Hurricane Dorian’s Destruction in the Bahamas, Search and Rescue Begins in Abaco (6’)

Hurricane Dorian caused mass destruction in the Bahamas, and at least 50 people have already been found dead. Here's the story of the rescue teams efforts to find the remaining bodies. (2019) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

Central American migrants traveled in caravans for thousands of miles to Tijuana in the hope of presenting their asylum case at the U.S. port of entry. While U.S. and international law protects asylum seekers from being turned back at the border, Customs and Border Protections says they don't have the capacity to handle such large numbers, leaving migrants stranded in Mexico.

Silent Killer: The Rising Toll of Carbon Monoxide in Public Housing (9’)

HUD residents Anthony and Gwendolyn Fleming, from Wayne, Michigan, died in February 2019 from carbon monoxide poisoning. This is the story of their daughters’ fight for justice. (2019) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

Farming Oysters Through a Hurricane (4’)

After Hurricane Michael rampaged through Panacea, in Florida, local oyster farmer Cainnon Gregg thought he was lucky the storm hadn't wiped out all of his gear. But as he opens bag after bag, he discovers a much bigger loss than he - or anyone - had expected. (2018) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

‘Hit by a Tsunami’: How Montana’s Mental Health System is Falling Apart (6’)

On January 1, 2018, mental health facilities across Montana were hit by a monumental cut to Medicaid reimbursement rates for case managers, who check in on mental health patients and help them navigate paperwork needed to participate in welfare programs. We follow a case manager in Missoula, Lisa Leon, as she struggles to juggle a large list of clients and fights to get the state budget reinstated, while making less money than she ever has. (2018) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and co-edited.

Running to Remember: Fallen Service Members Honored with a Run Across America (4’)

To honor fallen U.S. service members, a small group of volunteers set out on a 4-month, 6,000-mile cross-country run. (2018) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and co-edited.

Hunting for Ghost Gear: What Happens When Fishing Nets Go Rogue (6’)

Marine life is battling an unexpected enemy, lost fishing gear, also known as ghost gear. 705,000 tons of fishing gear are lost in the ocean every year. Mike Neill and his crew are trying to change that. (2018) | NBC News


The Israeli and Palestinian Doctors Who Put Saving Lives Above It All (4’)

While the conflict rages on, these are the Israeli and Palestinian doctors who put saving lives above it all. We follow as they carry out a transplant from an Israeli donor to a Palestinian patient. (2018) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

Young and Defiant: Russia’s Rebel Vote Against Vladimir Putin (10’)

As Russia prepares to re-elect Vladimir Putin on March 18, a rising wave of youth are shouting their opposition to the President. With a victory, Putin is on track for 24 straight years in power. Will Russia's rebel voices be enough to tip the vote? (2018) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

California Winemakers Return, Resilient, After Wildfires (5’)

Vineyards in California's wine country were hit hard by the wildfires, some lost everything. But winemakers are determined to rebuild. (2017) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

These Prisoners Have Their Own Keys, Therapy Horses, and Leave Prison Every Day (6’)

In Finland, inmates at Open Prisons go outside to work, study and have therapy horses. (2017) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.

The Final Days of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus (9’)

As the 146-year-old circus pitches its tent one last time, performers take us behind-the-curtains to peek into life in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and what's next. (2017) | NBC News

Produced, filmed and edited.